Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa Comes to the Time Warp!

Talk about Surprises!! Santa was riding his red sleigh through Knoxville, (no doubt a little relaxation before the the big night), and he decided to stop by the Time Warp Tea Room for Tuesday bike night! He ask specifically for the little Moriarty boy, to whom he gave a special gift of premium 2-Stroke Oil. (only Santa could know that Dan recently picked up an old two stroke Suzuki). Then Santa proceeded to give everyone who had been good, which was nearly everyone there, a candy cane, and a Wish for a Merry Christmas.
Santa gave all of the Time Warp Elfs a big hug, and a good talking to to those whose behavior could have been a little better this year.
 Of course Santa found the plate of cookies that Peggy made. (Peggy knows how to score points with men with white beards)
 Before Santa left Happy Holler he walked across the street and visited Little Cindy Lou at the Chop Shop. (Not to be confused with Cindy Lou Whoo who stars in the Grinch that stole Christmas)

And then Santa loaded up his Red Sleigh, told everyone to be good, to not forget to change their oil, and rode off to the North Pole.
  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at the Time Warp Tea Room!