Friday, March 2, 2012

Used Gear Auction Packs em' in!

This past Tuesday night was the Second Annual used gear auction of the Time Warp Vintage Club. After the success of last years inaugural event it was decided to do it again, and it was worth attending for the entertainment value alone. Nothing like seeing a heated bid for 20 year old helmet, or a can of WD-40! Joe Terry was the auctioneer, and he did a great job of not only moving things along quickly, but also prompting people into bidding on stuff they normally wouldn't buy after a bottle of cheap booze! (actually, there was a bottle of homemade wine auctioned)
Items auctioned included helmets, jackets, boots, tools, vintage parts, shop equipment, cycle toys, a Hello Kitty lamp, and a Crock Pot that had a sparkplug for a handle! Thanks to everyone who brought stuff, and all who bought stuff, It really was a fun night.